Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a 22-year-old English Literature Student studying at Liverpool John Moore’s University. I love reading, and I love blogging, so I thought it would be a fantastic idea to combine them both. I have another blog, which i started in 2016, this was a space that I have used to write about anything and everything, including book reviews. However, I decided that because I was writing so many book reviews on my general blog I would separate the two. So, here I am.

I strive to be honest and open about each novel I read. In doing so, I have used a five star system when rating each novel, and I hope I have justified my reasoning well. Though, if you disagree with my thoughts, don’t be afraid to get in touch or leave a comment. It’s always great hearing other people’s thoughts on a novel!

I hope that ‘Find Me Fiction’ will provide you with a great tool in finding your next read.

My work:

I have previously carried out research on 17th-19th century prison life, this project was called ‘Prison Memoirs’

I have worked on the project Writing Lives, which looks into working class autobiographies with the aim to make them readily available to the public. My chosen autobiography was by a man called Walter John Eugene Elliott (1890 – 1977)

I have had a blog ‘So much history…’ featured on the LJMU English website, the article can be found here

I am currently taking part in a Career Accelerator Internship, run by LJMU. During this time I am writing blog posts for the industrial lighting company Liight, find them here